We do all that we can to get ingredients of the highest quality. The way the product is packaged not only maintains the freshness, but ensures that you enjoy the great taste and aroma for as long as possible.


Our teabags are made from a natural protein found in maize (corn) called Zein. This material was discovered over 100 years ago. This food-safe biodegradable fabric is used to make our teabags. The thin non-woven version of the fabric allows for maximum penetration of water to extract all the delicious flavour for tea drinkers.



Made from 2 layers of material, our pouches are strong, durable and chosen to protect our all natural ingredients from external threats. Kraft paper, known to be a special variety of paper made from woodchips, makes up the outer layer of our packaging. The inner layer is made from recyclable, food-safe LLDPE which provides the base of our one-time heat seal as well as the resealable zipper.



Glass has been used by man for centuries. It is a versatile material, while fragile is surprisingly strong. Our full range of oils is bottled in translucent glass bottles of varying size as because it protects our product from contamination and degradation from light. Glass is both recyclable and reuable.



Twigs Naturals is committed to using respecting our environment. Our raw materials come from the environment and we endeavour our best to serve our product in ways that keep our planet in mind. Cups, sleeves and covers used at events we participate in are all from compostable materials.