Our History

100% Caribbean

Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago meant that the garden was more than just for decoration. It was the food basket and medicine chest.

One Sunday afternoon in Trinidad & Tobago, Nigel and his son, Isaac, took a stroll in the family garden and saw herbs. The herbs looked great and tasted way better than expected! They both thought this could be part of a great craft project; homemade tea bags. Within minutes, Nigel was on the phone with a close friend, Cheryl Ann. The year was 2014.

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Natural Caribbean tea brand, Twigs Naturals, is the first Caribbean tea brand to be recognized internationally by winning not just one, but two awards at the 2017 Global Tea Championship. Click here to read more

The Global Tea Championship is an annual independent competition, judged by tea professionals, to distinguish the highest quality & best tasting teas commercially available globally.


We believe that nature provides all that we need. In the Caribbean, we have a unique blend of history, climate and culture that has crafted our culinary style as a people. By embracing these elements and using our twist on modern techniques we have been able to package the Caribbean experience for anyone to enjoy... no matter where they are in the world. The richness of the colour, amazing aromas and flavours that tempt the soul.

We deliver the experience of the Caribbean to the world…naturally.